Why have a WordPress Website?

As more of the world adopt the Internet as a valuable source of information, the importance of a well-designed website becomes more and more apparent. Unfortunately, most people do not have the skills necessary to create a website from scratch. However, there is an easy and elegant solution to all of this: a WordPress website. A website created on the back of a content management system, or CMS for short, such as WordPress has many benefits.

Ease of Setup

Rather than having to write HTML/CSS/PHP files, WordPress gives novice users an easy way to create a website. Very little is needed in order to start a WordPress website. The only requirements are a MySQL database and installing the WordPress software. Many web hosting servers today come with CPanel or other scripts that make installing WordPress as easy as clicking one button.

Flexibility in Use

WordPress is a CMS that was originally created with blogging in mind. While it remains popular for use in blogging, one of the strengths of WordPress is the flexibility in its application. Because of the possibility of creating static pages with WordPress, it is feasible and common to create traditional websites using this piece of software.

A website made with WordPress could be purely for blogging, a traditional static website, or a mixture of the two.

Optimized for Use

Having a website is only the first step in an exciting journey. Without visitors, a website would be almost useless. However, the WordPress software has several features that make things easier for a user new to website creation.

WordPress has been optimized for search engines, meaning that a WordPress website will be easier for search engines such as Google to discover than a website that has not been optimized properly. The tweaks were made by developers familiar with how search engines crawl and index web pages.

Because of its modular design and its popularity amongst bloggers, many useful plugins are available. Most are free and help owners better maintain their websites. Plugins handle tasks ranging anywhere from keeping track of stats to providing a way for readers to subscribe to the site.

A WordPress website is user friendly

Finally, websites can benefit greatly from a user-friendly design. The large WordPress community has produced a plethora of themes that fit any type of website. Finding the right look for a website becomes easier and potentially less expensive compared to hiring a professional designer.

WordPress, The Internet’s Swiss Army Knife
Websites have become easier to create over the last decade. Part of this stems from WordPress. What started out as a solution for bloggers has become a viable tool for Internet users looking to create a fast, simple website. The large feature set and the advantages WordPress brings makes this software a choice that is hard to ignore.

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