WordPress Website Regular Support Packages

So, you own a WordPress website. Awesome.

But now you’re wanting to get on with business and maybe add content to it every now and then.

What you do NOT want to do is worry about the technical side of WordPress, those dreaded updates that just keep coming week after week.

I’ve been around WordPress for a while.

I’ve been building and looking after WordPress websites for over a decade.

And now I’m here to help you.

My WordPress Website Support Packages are available, so you can let me worry about the updates for your website and depending on the package make suggestions to improve it as well.

Some of my happy support clients


YouTube video
YouTube video

Tony Cosentino, aka the WP Guy, is a consummate professional, and his WordPress expertise is second to none. After building my website using Kate Toon’s excellent SEO-friendly WordPress website course, I was struggling to keep up with the regular maintenance needed and was bamboozled by some weird things that were happening. I contacted Tony, and within the blink of an eye (well, maybe a bit longer), he had untangled the mess so all was running smoothly again.

His ongoing monthly maintenance program is perfect for my solo business operation and worth every cent for the peace of mind it provides. Thanks, Tony!

Charlotte Cottier AE

Owner, CC Editing Services

What you get

My support packages include:

  • WordPress Core updates: These need to be timed correctly to avoid issues, as plugins and themes need time to catch up to WordPress core updates. Let me worry about when that needs to happen.
  • Plugins: Regular updates to plugins to keep things running smoothly.
  • Themes: If you have a theme that can be updated without breaking the design, it will be regularly updated.
  • Backups: Regular backups made of your whole website and sent to remote storage for extra peace of mind.
  • Broken link scans: Website regularly checked for broken links (on top 2 packages). Broken links found will be fixed on the spot unless there is a bigger issue we need to talk to you about. 
  • Uptime monitoring: Your website is checked every 15 minutes to make sure it is still visible to the public. This can happen for example if you had to replace a credit card or have a new expiry date which causes your domain renewal to fail and they turn off your website. Same goes for web hosting renewals failing which can also cause your website to go offline. You will be notified if it is down for any substantial length of time. If it was a credit card issue you will be able to get that sorted quickly and get the website back online. If its a bigger issue we can help you work out what is going on too.
  • Proactive plugin advice: If on the Ragnar package I will regularly review your plugins and suggest new or replacement options as your website grows.


GST will be added to orders made by Australian residents

How it works

Step 1: You click on the order button for your preferred support option.
Step 2: You are taken to a form to give details of the website needing support.
Step 3: You will then be redirected to a page showing how to set up a login for me to check that I can support your website.
Step 4: I will now invoice you for the remainder of the current month. When you pay for it, you will also be authorised for future monthly payments to be direct debited via the same payment method used on the 1st of every month.

Easy and stress-free.

Big shout out to Tony for this great service! After spending so much time transferring my site to WP and getting the copy just right, I ran out of puff and knowledge to fix all the little things in the backend that I knew needed attention. Tony’s health check was just what I needed, and his video explaining all the things in his report was excellent. Quick turnaround too. Highly recommended for busy people and web DIY-ers.

Shae Lalor

Owner, The Write Path

Terms and conditions

  • Monthly payments are non-refundable.
  • Support is paid for in advance.
  • Direct debit will be set up for automatic payments.
  • Minimum 3-month commitment required, after which rolling subscription can be cancelled or upgraded at any time.
  • * time does not roll over into the following month