WordPress for Business Site

An Intro to WordPress for Business Site Management

Wondering how you’ll start, manage and maintain your new business website? WordPress is one of the most efficient and inexpensive tools around. It is an incredible platform that allows you to quickly design, deploy and update a complete site.

Using this intuitive software, even a non-designer will find it easy to create a unique Internet presence. Plus, the software is highly customizable, allowing you to alter it to your needs with only a little bit of knowledge about its inner workings.

Automating Common Tasks With WordPress for Business Site Maintenance

WordPress is a Content Management System, a piece of software intended to help you handle all the most common online publishing tasks. While it’s not the only option out there, it is unusual in several ways:

– It’s free to install and no contracts are required.
– It’s easy for total beginners to set up and use.
– It’s supported by a global community of experts.

WordPress distills all the functions of your site into only a few key options, but within those options you have endless variety and complete control. As a WordPress administrator, you gain the power to write Posts or Pages:

– WordPress Posts function like blog posts and can be written with a built-in editor.
– WordPress Pages function like the “static” HTML pages that were common in the past.

Design, layout and graphics can all be controlled on a site-wide basis or modified to give pages of your choice a special look. The more you know about the software, the more granular your control over the site will be — but mastery is never required.

E-Commerce is King When Using WordPress for Business Site Management

Over the last few years, WordPress has become a popular option for e-commerce sites. Using plug-ins — software widgets that add features to the core WordPress suite — business owners gain ways to manage transactions, analyze user activity and much more.

Not long ago, you had to hire a designer to make a site from scratch if you wanted to create an effective e-commerce site. Those days are past: By modifying a free WordPress template to your liking and using add-ons, you can create practically any user experience.

Since e-commerce sites must move quickly, it’s not surprising many entrepreneurs choose WordPress for business site testing and market penetration. Starting a site may take as little as a few hours, allowing you to focus on quality content and user engagement.

Last Word: You Need to Know WordPress

Business owners benefit from WordPress in a number of ways:

– Reduced investment in expensive IT contractors, training and technical resources.
– Faster editorial cycle — translating to the ability to make changes any time you want.
– Fine control over your site’s “look and feel” that grows as you gain more knowledge.

WordPress is a complete site design toolkit for any business professional. Discover it!