Just a quick reminder that WordPress is rolling out a major update over the next 24 hours to version 5.8

It is safer to wait until about version 5.8.2 before updating your website so that the theme and plugin developers have time to catchup and fix new bugs that a major update tends to have. This one is adding a lot of new capabilities which take time for developers to get organised for.

If you are on Siteground webhosting they will autoupdate your website to vers 5.8 in the next 24-48 hours so be warned.
You can follow the instructions at the bottom of the web page in the link below to skip the update.


( And yes anyone I provide ongoing website support for don’t worry I have already done this for you )

This update also introduced blocks for the widget area and if it is something you want to avoid for now or it doesn’t work with your theme there is a plugin a lot like the classic editor but for the widget area that can fend off the changes simply called

‘Classic Widgets’

That is all, be careful out there…