What happened

As I was checking the stats of my twitter profile @thewordpressguy with www.twittercounter.com (a great tool for checking your progress on twitter) I noticed a fantastic trend had emerged 63 more followers in 14 days, brilliant!

Now for some that may seem low but please understand that

1. I don’t reciprocal follow ( I only follow people I am having conversations with)
2. I don’t actively pursue new followers

These 2 factors often result in zero net growth or very slow growth in my follower numbers.

twittercounter.com twitter statistics for @thewordpressguyWhy it happened

1.Power of group support

On the 27th of July I attended a group gathering of entrepreneurs in Sydney. The group had never met before and the common thread was a single blog post by Robin Dickinson called ‘Sharewords: the easiest way for us to recommend you‘ We had all used the post to workshop our catch words/elevator pitch down to a very short sharp apetising description of what we were about in business. My own sharewords are ‘Builds you WordPress advantage’ and many of the group helped work on them with Robin finally coming up with the perfect combination.

We decided at the gathering to mutually support each other online and spread the word about each others businesses, posts, tweets etc. As you can see the graph started to move literally from that day in an upward trend.

2. Tweeting like you mean business

On the 1st of August I purchased an eBook produced by Robin Dickinson(yes I know – him again) and John Dickinson called Success with Twitter it is a PDF that has a built in video of Robin & John explaining their approach to twitter and some fantastic techniques to use. There is also a transcript of the information with time stamps and points raised which makes it very easy to digest on many levels.

I changed my tweet style that day and to a far more professional look and format with real direction and focus. I attribute the continued growth in my twitter followers from the 1st of August to my tweet style.

Why it excites me so much

1.For me building a profile is really important to my ongoing success in business and the results tend to work as follows

more followers = more trust in my WordPress news / advice = more inquiries/traffic = more new clients

2. Being now involved with this business group means and ongoing support, motivation & inspiration to maintain momentum and really drive our businesses to levels of success ahead of schedule.

We are the Centurions and if you pay close attention online you will see us in many places.

What have you found that drives your social profile forward?

Please leave comments about you own experiences online and what has provided a growth spurt I would love to hear about it.