TEGA TabletInteresting facts

I am a huge Mac fanboy and have converted a few people to using macs in the past and still love my MacbookPro. This Windows based device has opened my mind to a Wondows device again. I use and love my iPhone too.

The Occasion

I had arranged for Hugo Ortega to come and demonstrate the iPad to a coffee morning I started at Leichhardt that we have every Wednesday. See www.thelatteguy.com for more information.

What happened

Hugo did demo the iPad and let us all try it out feel the weight, the feel of the screen the various default apps plus a few others he had. Then we had a look at the other tablet PC he had with him which was the TEGA Tablet http://www.tegatech.com.au/TEGA.html . I had seen it briefly recently but hadn’t really had a decent look at it. I was really surprised at how much more it could do in comparison to the iPad. The Apple dazzle was starting to wear off and I drew my attention to the TEGA Tablet.

With the stylus I was able to write directly on the screen which picked up my hand writing very accurately and it was in no time I was writing content and web addresses and just stunned by how well the unit worked with Windows 7. The device just had so much going for it with the ports, screen resolution, portability it reallt is everything the iPad isn’t.


photo of TEGA Tablet, Kindle and iPad next to each otherIntel Atom N270-280 Processor,
1GB DDR2 Ram,
10.2″ TFT LCD Touchscreen, 1024 x 600 pixles
Built in HSDPA modem
802.11 a/b/g Wi-Fi
3 USB 2.0 Ports
3500mah Lithium battery pack

RRP $995.28 Windows not included
RRP $1,187.98 including Windows 7 Pro


I can see myself using the TEGA Tablet to update my WordPress websites, clients websites, write posts and run my business easily while out and about with a compact but powerful device that is far easier to carry around that a laptop but at the same time has more real world capabilities that the iPad.
photo of TEGA Tablet packaging

More information


PDF: TEGA Tablet Official Launch at CEBIT 2010

Mentioned page 9 June 2010 edition of APC Magazine

Article from APC Magazine June 2010


* In the interest of full disclosure, I should point out that if enough of my fellow-bloggers post on the topic of the TEGA Tablet, I will be will have the option to purchase a heavily discounted unit.