This example is a website I recently setup for one of my passions, coffee roasting called The Breaded Roaster at

A simple explanation of the layout is:

Left side:

– Title and tagline

– Image of me that has been manipulated with a few photo apps on the left.

Right side:

– Brief explanation of what its about which in this case is small batch speciality coffee roasting for 3rd wave style coffee making.

– Mailing list signup form using embed code from my account

– Contact form with embed code from my account (this keep my email address hidden from spammers and jotform can spot a spammer filling in a contact form a mile away too)

Its really all you need to get things started and as you grow the website can grow too and you can add a blog, shop etc later. Right now the priority is to get something professional up.

I used the theme to build it with my own structure but you could use any template really that you like.

Bearded Roaster