Well I managed to locate a mount for the iPhone that was made for a bike at www.semsons.com/bimopewiswti2.html.

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After doing the usual searches online I came accross a discussion on the whirlpool.net.au forum about mounts here. It was there that someone had commented on the unit for sale on the www.semsons.com website.

It was / is on sale for $US 16.99 with good international shipping options. I wanted one yesterday so took the fastest option which was DHL Worlwide Priority Express for $US 39. I ordered on a Wed afternoon and had the items by 2pm Friday.  I also ordered 2 types of windshield mounts for the car as they were $US13 & $15 each with no extra shipping fees.

I have to say the mount is great and yes comes with the bracket the the phone clips into so no need to buy an extra one. The unit feels very secure while riding around the streets and at speed though I don’t go onto mountain bike trails.

I use 2 apps on the bike.

MotionX GPS

motionX_GPS $3.99 (AUST dollars) Pure path recording and it is by far the best of its class for smooth plotting of routes taken on foot on riding a bike. It has a lot of extra features like a compass to navigate to way points and GPS data in case you need it.

Mobile Maps Australia & New Zealand

$79.99 (AUST dollars). Which I got as the TomTom app is not available in Australia yet. It is actually really effective and works well.

  • the mapping is quite quick to react to changes in the route if you miss a turn
  • it’s colour scheme is a little different to the standard navigators but very readable
  • sound is a little trick, you need to turn it up while trying different voices or while playing a music track. At maximum volume it is ok in a very quiet car but not great. I use the headphones on the bike.
  • has a range of routing options: fastest, economic, shortest, pedestrian and bicycle