Recommend installing the following software when setting up a new computer

that will be accessing the internet.

You need to have 4 things installed as soon as possible to prevent viruses

and spam. There are as follows

  1. Firewall – this is to control access to and from your computer whichcan defend against hackers getting at your files:

    Sygate Personal Firewall

  2. Anti virus – this is to do a regular scan of your computer to makesure that new software that you have installed hasn’t had any viruses

    attached to it. I recommend running a full scan weekly. There is also

    constant monitoring with most anti-virus programs now.

    AVG Free Edition

  3. Anti-Spyware- Spybot Search and destroy – always runs to keep an eye on things

    AdwareSE – you can happily have both installed you have to run

    this one yourself on a regular basis, say fortnightly.

  4. Antispam – to protect your emails from clogging with spam mail: Spambayes (for use with Microsoft Outlook only)click on download

    the installation program and go from there. This software was one of

    the products of the year with PC User magazine. It learns from your

    emails and gets better and better at spotting the spam emails.


    a great tool for reporting the spam before it is deleted to a government

    body to track down the spammers