NOTE:  these instructions and video are for blogs and not for self hosted wordpress blogs or websites

as it is much easier to put a YouTube video in a sidebar on a self hosted WordPress website. I will show you in another post how to do that.

  1. sign up to
  2. add your videos from various sources including YouTube to your vodpod account
  3. make sure you are still signed in to vodpod
  4. go to Appearance -> Widgets
  5. click and drag the VodPod widget to the side bar
  6. the embed code will either be automatically pasted in the displayed in the widget if not
  7. click on get your widget code which will display the widget code on the vodpod page you already had open.
  8. copy the widget code from and paste it into your WordPress vodpod widget in the Short Code box
  9. save and you’re done

A link to the Video Tutorial of the above process is below

Adding video to sidebar in

The website showing a live example of this in action