This is the left side of the the statement

[typed id=’6437′]

How to add animated text to a page as per above example.

Using the Typed JS plugin with the Divi theme.

Key points are that I used 2 columns with the two thirds / one third layout so there is most of the normal text on the left with the word(s) that change on the right.

The left column text needs to be right aligned so it is close to the word(s) on the left that change.

I made both the text and the shortcode for the animated text heading 3 to show it as a more prominent section of the page and you could do a lot more with the styling to make it look impressive.

I also had to add 2px of padding using the spacing settings under the design tab for the animated text section to line it up with the text on the left.

Settings I used in the Typed JS area were: 

Type Speed: 100
Start delay: 1