Buying a domain name

Its a minefield that’s for sure. Most domain companies are either a rip off or are so cheap that if you ever have a problem you will go insane dealing with the cheapest support staff on the planet. Until now I have not seen any company that gets it right.

Enter, they are very well prices and have good customer support. I have moved my domain names there and am very happy. They are based in Canada I believe.

I had a little trouble transferring some domain names and it was saying the transfer codes were incorrect but I found if I retried a few times and used the firefox browser it worked.

Yes you can also buy/transfer domains from them and finally get away from the dodgy or over priced domain name companies based in Australia.


Web hosting

Also a minefield as there are so many options now and everyone has a different recommendation for you. I have dealt with many and found very few that have the balance right for performance / cost / support.

I now only recommend and the Business plan is the best option which costs around $US15 or $AUD17.

It is a great option as you get your own IP address for that prices and a free SSL certificate included. Your own IP address means you won’t end up blacklisted because a porn site sets on the same shared server with the same IP address as you which can happen on shared hosting which is what most small businesses use.

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