Ok hands up who have dropped a phone into liquid of some kind….

Do STEP 1 & STEP 2 as fast as possible as they are really what mean the difference between the life or death of the phone. After you have done those relax and take your time.


Step 1: Retreive the phone within 30 seconds of it entering the water you have a good chance of saving it. Mobile phone cases are are sealed to prevent dust entering them and will hold off water temporarily. So stay calm and retrieve it promptly.


Step 2: Quickly remove the battery.  After you have recovered the phone from  the water there may be some water making its way to the circuits which will kill the phone so shutting down the power source is a priority.


Step 3: Remove the SIM card. Whether the phone survives or not you will need the SIM card so look after it and don’t leave it to corrode.


Step 4: Clean the phone with distilled water or a distilled water substitute. Dry off the phone and parts you have removed with whatever towels, toilet paper you have handy. DO NOT use heat, ovens or microwaves. A vacuum cleaner is ok and carefully shaking loose water out of the phone helps also. Watch your grip if its wet though.


Step 5: Now the fun part. Put some uncooked rice into a container and fully submerge the phone and battery in the rice for 24 hours. Rice absorbs water very well and will draw out the moisture.


Step 6: Put the SIM card into the phone but NOT the battery. Plug the phone into its charger and try it without the battery in. If it comes on then that’s great news, it’s alive. Now try putting the battery in see to see if it works and charges. If the battery shows no sign of life you will have to replace it but still a better outcome than a new phone.

Hope this helps and please feel free to post your own experiences in the comments. I know that it won’t save all mobiles but hopefully it will save someone out there.