The Digital Marketing Collective Conference: A Unique Business Event. Digitial Marketing Conference Sydney.

The Digital Marketing Collective Conference, organized by Kate Toon, is a one-of-a-kind business event in Australia. It offers a fresh and distinctive approach to digital marketing and entrepreneurship. This blog post provides an overview of the conference, highlighting its format, speakers, schedule, location, pricing, and unique features.

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Format and Schedule

The conference consists of two main components: the Mastermind day and the Conference day.

6th October 2023 Day 1: The Digital Marketing Mastermind offers a full day of practical learning, with expert speakers, roundtable discussions, and co-working opportunities.

7th October Day 2: The Digital Marketing Conference features a lineup of amazing speakers, networking opportunities, and videos of all sessions. Both days include catered meals and evening events.

Speakers and Topics

The conference brings together a diverse group of speakers from various industries. These experts share their insights, strategies, and success stories, covering topics such as leadership, selling courses effectively, product sales strategies, Instagram marketing in 2023, video marketing, business pitching, and more. Attendees can expect practical and actionable advice from seasoned professionals.

Location and After-Party

The conference takes place at the Kirribilli Club in Lavender Bay, Sydney. This stunning venue offers a beautiful setting for the event. Additionally, the conference includes two networking events—an after-party and a Mastermind networking event—where attendees can connect with speakers and fellow participants in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Unique Features

The Digital Marketing Collective Conference stands out due to several unique features:

  1. Fully catered: Attendees enjoy delicious meals throughout the event, including coffee, morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea, eliminating the need to find food elsewhere.
  2. Inclusive and welcoming: The conference aims to create a warm and friendly environment, open to business owners, ecommerce professionals, coaches, entrepreneurs, and misfits alike.
  3. Intimate setting: Unlike large conferences, this event offers a smaller, single-flow room setup, allowing for better networking opportunities and a more personal experience.
  4. No stage selling: Speakers are focused on sharing valuable content rather than promoting their own programs or services.
  5. Valuable takeaways: Attendees can expect top-quality content, life-changing lessons, networking opportunities, and even fun extras like massages.
  6. Accessibility and environmental considerations: The event takes into account accessibility needs and strives to be environmentally friendly, minimizing waste.

Why attend

The Digital Marketing Collective Conference is a must-attend event for business owners and entrepreneurs looking to build successful businesses using digital marketing strategies. With its unique format, diverse speakers, practical content, and inclusive atmosphere, this conference offers a valuable learning and networking experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to join this exceptional event and gain insights from some of the best minds in the industry.

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